We got some beautiful advent calendars from Woodpecker crafts.  Last year we turned one into a winter scene with peg dolls of our family (see here: http://make-it-your-own.com/family-advent-calendar/) and since Halloween 2020 might take a slightly different form, we decided to transform the second one into a Halloween Countdown!  You could include parts of a building set, puzzle pieces, art supplies or little treats!  (Whatever you like!)

This is not a sponsored post, nor do we use affiliate links- their wooden craft products are lovely and there is a vast selection of them!  They are great for open-ended possibilities for little crafters and big ones too!   We share things we genuinely like and think people will too! 


We always find these items useful too:



  • Paint your house.  We went with the roof and trim (we took out the drawers beforehand) using acrylic paint and allowing it to dry overnight.
  • Print and punch (1 inch) or cut out your circles (some boxes have to share a number so you can put two items in them).
  • Glue them onto your drawers.
  • Print and cut out the additional features and attach them to your house with glue.  If you want items to stick out of the side of your haunted house, simply cut out a tab on the side that you want to attach to your building.  You could make your items too! (Even better!)
  • We included a card that you can use in the printable as well, so you can give this countdown to your pal!
  • Want to try another one for Christmas?

Create your own ADVENT CALENDAR with this snowy scene with your family portrait and a snowman! (Made of peg people and beads). This makes a beautiful, handmade holiday gift! We provide you with ideas for what to include in your countdown to Christmas as well.

Peg Doll Family Advent Calendar: http://make-it-your-own.com/family-advent-calendar/

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Halloween Countdown House:  Use the free printables to transform this advent calendar into a Haunted House Halloween countdown for kids!  This makes a fun craft to do together and a trick-or-treat alternative!


  • This is a great way to practise the calendar and follow the sequence of the numbers!
  • Recognizing some of the symbols associated with various holidays and celebrations.

Safety Notes

  • We suggest that you use a tray and a smock to protect your clothing and surfaces.
  • Use scissors and a glue gun with care and direct, adult supervision.
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