We hope you will join us each week to create, play, explore and investigate!

Dreaming of Spring

As the sun sparkles off the snow where we live and we enjoy skiing, skating and constructing in the snow, there is a little part of us that is starting to dream of spring. We hope you join us on MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS & FRIDAYS as we enjoy all there is to celebrate with its arrival!

Valentine's Day

May Valentine's Day find you in a celebration of friendship, recognizing the positive in others.

New Year's Celebrations

Homemade Holiday

Oh the holidays- family, friends (and let's admit it...food). We hope to provide you with some inspiration for homemade gifts and thinking of others.

Silvery Snow

Where we live, November is a month of snow. The gentle large flakes, the bright, shimmery, glitter-like kind and of course all the kinds in between that our children try to catch on their mittens (and their tongues!). And thus, we celebrate snow, because where we live- it is an inevitable beauty!


The fantastical costumes, the cool air of trick-or-treating (at least here in Canada!) and the children's excitement of being out after dark- we LOVE Halloween!

Fall Fun

With crisp leaves underfoot, we enter into the season of hot tea, warm pies, apple juicing and Farmer’s market finds. We are inspired by pumpkin patch adventures and the colourful beauty of autumn leaves blowing across our path.

Back to School

As the summer light starts to fade, we share some ideas to get your children excited about going back to school!

Summer Fun

This summer we will be focusing on three themes: Nature Finds, Rainy Day Fun & Road Trip Activities. We hope you will join us!

End of the School Year Ideas

When I was a teacher, one of my most treasured gifts from the end of the school year was a movie was made by my student Francey. It included her classmates, images and memories of all the things we had done together. Adding a personal element, however small, makes an end of the school year gift a keepsake. (And may I add- I am extremely proud of Francey who is now in University!) I know as a parent, many of the teachers that work with our children have gone well beyond what is required of them to make learning a positive experience. We hope you find some inspiration to pass on your appreciation as well.

Father's Day Ideas

For Father's Day, we tried to look to all the fathers we know for inspiration.


Now that the weather where we live is getting warmer, our children are excited to get out and explore. They are still inquisitive about birds, feathers and finding treasures, so that was the starting point for these activities. We hope that this set of ideas inspires some discoveries in your world as well.

Personalizing Gifts

This week we focused on ideas for you and your children to add a personal touch to gifts, many of them re-imagining items you could find in your home. As of late we have gone to many spring birthday parties and have welcomed friend's babies into the world. We typically like giving themed gifts- materials to create your own post office or store or a collection of books, puzzles, games and activities that are based on a theme such as "Things that Go!" etc.. We like to use baskets and re-useable bags, but sometimes that isn't always possible and we wanted to incorporate fun ways to wrap presents that may already come in a box. We hope these ideas that centre on kids being involved in the process get you inspired!

Mother's Day: Inspired by Flowers

This Mother's Day we combined both the celebration of both having a mother and being a mother. For as long as I can remember my sisters and I have given my mother potted flowers for Mother's Day. She loves bright, vibrant colours and thus we focused on celebrating with flowers this year. As a mother, my favourite gifts are the personal ones. My favourite present to date is a "Recipe Book" that the kids created along with their dad- a photo collection of both their drawings and them dressed in costume as they went into the forest to make a magic cupcake recipe for me. I received the book with a dozen cupcakes and we delight looking at the book- giggling each time we read it (there is a section where the children may have sampled the magical cupcakes and the evidence is quite clear in the photos!) We tried to incorporate this personal touch in the activities that we shared this week, as this seems to be what parents hold onto.

We know many Mother's who have come to motherhood in a variety of ways and we celebrate them and all that they do for their children- what a lucky endeavour!

All About Birds

Our children are fascinated with all that is magical right now. Birds seem to fit into that category with their ability to fly. (Who hasn't woken up from an amazing flight dream with some sense of envy? That ability to move freely, above it all, gliding on the wind...). Thus, we continue to celebrate spring with birds. We are on the lookout for all that is birds- evidence that they are ready to reappear now that the snow has melted. We are searching for moulted feathers, things that we imagine that they could put in their nests (twigs, grass, bits of string), creatures that they might eat. We want to transform ourselves into birds. And so we shall…

Egg Inspired

An egg is a fascinating structure- so fragile, yet so protective. This week we wanted to look at eggs, but also at how we could re-imagine materials by using them in a different manner. Inheriting many plastic eggs, we wanted to see how they could be used again. We would love to see what you have done to re-use this material. Many people are moving towards more environmentally friendly celebration materials, but how can we delay this journey to the landfill? What are your thoughts on this matter?

Launching into Spring

After what continues to be a long winter, we are joyfully looking forward to spring. The other day, as we set out for a walk in the slightly milder temperatures, our eldest son paused and stood still, listening to the chirping of a bird. It seemed to speak what we all desired- that after a long, cozy hibernation, we are all ready to send out a welcome call to the changing of the seasons. Thus, with the start of our website we send out a welcome call to you and mark the approach of spring with the lives of birds...