• Purchase or re-use small baskets with cut-outs/ slots
  • Coloured yarn (e.g., various shades of brown)
  • Other materials might include: raffia, twine, long strips of material
  • Scissors
  • Laundry basket (for the larger version)

Making Bird Nest Storage Basket Making a Bird's Nest Stage Basket 2 Pencil Crayons in a Bird's Nest Storage Basket Baby in a Large Bird's Nest Storage Basket


This activity is great for storing materials for both at school (e.g., if you had centres on birds and needed a spot for the various supplies) or at home (what a fun way to organize your desk!).  The larger, laundry basket version would be great for bigger items or games (we have some ideas coming your way!).

Purchase or re-use small baskets with cutouts/slots.

Cut yarn of various shades of brown about the length of your child’s arm.  (For younger children, the distance between their elbow and their wrist to prevent tangling).

Tie one end of your yarn to the basket in the inside. Weave the yarn, going up and down through the slots (turning the basket on its side).  Be sure to wrap around the top rim as well.

If needed, to make threading easier, wrap a bit of clear tape around the end of the yarn that you are pulling through.

You could use other materials to weave as well: long scraps of material, raffia etc.

Be sure to secure the ends of the materials used with a knot and cut off any remaining pieces.

Make a larger version using a laundry basket, yarn and strips of fabric.


A forgiving fine motor activity, that lends itself to more of an”organic look”, this is an easy starting off point for understanding weaving and encourages children to use their fine motor skills.

Safety Notes

Use scissors with adult supervision.


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