This is a variation of an activity that my former colleague, Gary, used to do with his class for Father’s Day.  You can add jobs or activities- the focus is for things to do together.

It does not need to be restricted to just dads- it can include grandpas, uncles or a mentor.

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Coupon Book: Supplies

  • Light coloured paper
  • Coupon template coupons_for_you_and_me
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Pencil crayons
  • Sewing Machine/ Thread OR Stapler


  • Print the coupon template (as many times as you like for as many activities as you want to include.  It is also good to have back-ups for mistakes.)
  • Fill in the activities (e.g., going to the library together, raking the lawn, buying dad a coffee with your allowance, riding the subway etc.)
  • Add an illustration of you and your dad/ special male figure.
  • Cut out the pieces.  Stack them up.  Sew the double lines with a sewing machine or staple along that area.
  • Remove the thread from your sewing machine and sew along the single line (as shown) to create a perforated edge (for tearing the coupons off)
  • Give to your dad, grandpa, uncle etc.

Coupon Book: Inside

Coupon Book:Cover with sewing & perforated edge


  • Creating reasons for writing and understanding the components of various writing forms.

Safety Notes

  • A sewing machine should be used by an adult or with direct adult supervision depending on the child’s age and abilities.
  • Use a stapler with caution/ adult supervision.
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