We have tried to instill in our children a sense of community where they express gratitude and think of others.  While they have been young we have focused on what we could do for people we know, people within our neighbourhood and those in our city whether it be the donation of food, clothing or toys in lieu of giving and receiving birthday gifts.  Many of our friends have done the same.  When we saw how many people have been affected by Ebola, we thought this was a way for our children to see the interconnectedness between communities.  As a family we like making things and we wanted to use our skills to contribute.  When children are exposed to news events that might cause them worry, we have found one thing that is helpful is to move towards action- “what can we do?”.  For us, we have been sincerely grateful for doctors in our lives and we know that other children are familiar with the role of doctors as community helpers so we thought Doctors without Borders would be an organization that we could support and ask others to support as well.  While children and many adults may not have the specific skill set to be directly involved, providing funds to those who do is a way we can help- whether it be to help their work with people facing conflict, natural disasters or epidemics or to further research which may lead to future gains in prevention or treatment of various health issues.  We are hoping that you might consider doing the same- taking a bit of money from your piggy banks, change jars etc. to contribute.

Thank you for contributing and taking the time to impart what we feel is a valuable lesson to the next generation of global citizens.

Most sincerely,

The Scorer Family

P.S.  Attached below is a gift tag for you to print- wouldn’t this be great to give to teachers, neighbours, friends, relatives, bosses, colleagues etc.?  Please consider sharing the idea with others.  Thank you!

Download Gift Tag

*Fill in the names, cut out the tag, punch a hole in the top and attach some ribbon.*

Doctors Without Borders Blank Tag

Doctors Without Borders Donation Tag

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  1. Katie

    Thanks for the great idea! We were still looking for a gift for our aunt and uncle… This is perfect!

    • Bonnie Scorer

      “Thank you for your support of the doctors! Love, your friends the Scorers”


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