I can’t say I ever used Flash Cards for their intended purpose, usually employing them as a visual word bank for students learning English while teaching in Toronto, converting them into games etc.  This is one simple way to use them as a drawing prompt.


Drawing from Flashcards using Watercolour Pencil Crayons

  • Book holders (these can be purchased at school supply shops, office supply shops etc.)
  • Flash cards
  • Pencils/erasers
  • Paper (we used cardstock as it is a bit thicker and we wanted to use watercolour)


  • Watercolour pencil crayons
  • Water
  • Paintbrushes
  • Sentence strips

We always find these items helpful too:

Make-it-your-own.com (Crafts & activities for kids)

  • Smock
  • Craft tray


  • Set out your book holders and place the flash cards on each of them.  Providing a few options allows for choice.  Sketch out what you see in the photograph, looking at some of the shapes within the composition.  Will you add a background?  One pointer that was always helpful in teaching art was using a light line that allows for easy erasing.  This is the perfect time to point out that creating is an act of perseverance- keep trying until you achieve what you intended and are proud of.  Art takes adjustments and requires a slow and careful approach.

Drawing from Flashcards using Watercolour Pencil Crayons

  • Don your smock.  Colour or shade in the areas with your watercolour pencil crayons.
  • Add water to create the paint.  Allow to dry overnight.

WateronFox2 Drawing from Flashcards using Watercolour Pencil Crayons


  • On a sentence strip, add the label for your creation if you like and hang it up under your work when you display it.

Drawing from Flashcards using Watercolour Pencil Crayons


  • Using different materials.
  • Using labels (which creates an opportunity to expand one’s vocabulary) and understand the purpose of a label.

Safety Notes

  • We suggest that you wear a smock and use a craft tray to protect your clothing and surfaces.
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