Here is a fun little variation of tag for a group of children.


  • Hoola hoops (although this is not necessary as you will see, but helps younger children learning the game)


  • Choose a large space for this activity such as field/park or gymnasium.
  • Have the children group into partners.  Put out hula hoops (nests) for each partnership minus one.  (E.g., If you have 20 children, put out 9 hula hoops.) Have the children stand with their partner in the hula hoop with one of each their arms linked.
  • The remaining pair will take on the role of a bird and a predator to a bird (e.g., a fox).  The bird must “fly” (run) away from the fox.  However, the bird may join a partner in a nest (linking to one partner, makes the partner on the other side the new bird).  If the fox successfully tags the bird, then they switch roles.
  • If you find that the current bird is not joining a nest, giving other players a chance, incorporate a count down after a specific amount of time.  To increase the complexity of the game, you could add two pairs of birds and foxes.

Bird & Fox Tag


  • Gross motor skill development

Safety Notes

  • Just remind players to be aware of others when playing a running game with multiple people.


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