I  LOVE the creative children’s community on Instagram, finding people both friendly and inspiring!

This week, along with @mielaerkerasmussen (who has many amazing activities!), I had the privilege of guest hosting @kidscrafts101. This initiative, moderated by  http://www.redtedart.com/@incredibusy, is a great way to connect and share many forms of creativity. The only thing that was difficult about this week was selecting the featured projects- there are just so many wonderful ideas!

Kids Crafts 101 Winners


From the top, left to right:

1) Check out @makefilmplay for her stop motion videos!

2) The use of straws are ingenious for printing from @creatingcreatives

 3) @handywithscissors made these flowers out of plastic bags!!

4) Floating chalk prints from @artcampla (can’t wait to try this!)

5) Design your own spinning top with @thebluebarn 

6) Adding lemon juice to watercolour (I haven’t seen this before) from @thea_snv.

7) Self portrait prints from @studio4art: I like the bright backgrounds!

8) A giant tree from @lineandformatelier (I would have definitely been into making this when I was a teacher!)

9) And finally, I love the mix of painted paper and modelling clay on @paintedpaperart‘s flowers!

A BIG thank you to everyone for joining in! 

Here are Mie’s favourites:

Kids Crafts 101

I n s p i r a t i o n 

So many interesting projects this week at #kidscrafts101 - I’ve had a hard time selecting, but these projects are the ones my children helped my choose and the ones they want to try!

So be inspired to:

  • explore with vibrant colours on fabric @luvylife 
  • make your own beanie out of old T-shirts and decorate them @nokoncept 

Thank you @kidscrafts101 , http://www.redtedart.com/ and @incredibusy for having me as a guest judge this week and Bonnie @make_it_your_own_ it was an honour to do it with you! Sunday wishes to all of you! 


Want to participate in Kids Crafts 101?  Simply tag your Instagram photos with #kidscrafts101


Looking for other ideas?

Nature Inspired Kid Projects (photo scavenger hunt, traced feather bookmarks, spray painting over nature to create negative images and making your own outdoor explorer kit (with free printables!)


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