A little wrap- around sleeve to make a magazine a gift.

This activity was featured on The Crafty Crow!  A huge thanks to this amazing site.



Magazine Sleeve: Supplies

  • Cardstock
  • Magazine
  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Drawing materials (markers, pencil crayons, pencil, eraser etc.
  • Magazine Gift Sleeve template Fathers-Day


  • Print the Magazine Gift Sleeve template.  Create an illustration of your dad reading or any other illustration of your dad (e.g., related to the theme of the magazine, doing something fun together such as searching in forests for bunnies or swimming under the sea with mermaids!) in the provided boxes.  Be sure to colour it carefully, making it bright and adding a personal message.
  • Cut it out along the dotted lines.  We mounted ours on a brightly coloured piece of paper and then cut it out again.  Fit it over the magazine and glue the edges together.
  • You could also add a magazine subscription if you want it to be a gift that lasts the whole year long!

Magazine Sleeve: Front

Magazine Sleeve: Back


  • Thinking of others, promoting reading.

Safety Notes

  • Use scissors with adult supervision.
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