As summer holiday nears here in Canada, I am always on the lookout for good, playful and educational ways to incorporate nature into our days.

I have been following Mother Natured on Instagram for a while and connecting with Penny Whitehouse online.  Penny has been a long time Wildlife and Natural Resources Education officer with her schooling in Biology and Early Years Education.  I admire the really innovative ways that she encourages children to experience, play and connect with nature.  When I heard that she was developing a digital printable package for people to use with their own children and/or their students I asked her if we could share it with our readers as many of ideas are borne out of nature.

The printables package has directions, suggestions, templates and extensions to activities for you and your family or students to create with nature.  There are ideas that contribute to mathematical understanding, imaginative play, and scientific discovery.  Part of the enjoyment of these activities is going out and collecting items to use.  As a teacher you could a) collect the items with your students b) bring in items for your class or c) have the children bring in items or d) a combination of the previously mentioned ideas.  I would then print and insert the pages into page protectors where they can be re-used for many children.  One way to preserve their ideas if they use it in this way is to take digital photos and then compile a photo album that you can print or view online.  For some of the projects, you could print each child one.

Here is an example of one of her templates that my daughter and I tried using, dressing up a character with flowers, foliage etc.:

Mother Natured Printable Pack!

  •  She has selected these ones to do next:

Mother Natured Printables Pack

  • And here is a video sample of all the great ideas in the package:

For more information about Penny’s resource and to get one yourself, click on the link below*:

*I should note that this is not a paid or sponsored post, but rather something that I think is worth sharing with others.  In a digital era, connecting with nature is so important!*



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  1. Penny Whitehouse

    Oooo, you lovely thing. I didn’t know you were going to write a post. Thank you! You’re creations are just too adorable!

    I NEVER thought making this book would bring me so much joy. I was just out to bring joy to children but have had such beautiful mothers share their creations with me and it makes me feels so incredibly thankful that there are people just like me, sharing nature with their kids. So heart warming.

    Let’s organise a discount specifically for your readers!


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