A simple bloom technique that beautifully transforms a branch.


Branch Blooms: Supplies from make-it-your-own.com

  • Tissue paper (you can purchase this inexpensively at the dollar store)
  • Scissors and/or fringing scissors (optional)
  • Tacky glue
  • Brown floral tape (optional- you can purchase this at florists, dollar stores, craft stores or online)
  • Branches


  • Collect fallen branches.  We selected ones that were more delicate in nature.
  • We bought a tissue paper “fold” which assisted in the ease of the next step.  Unfold a few sheets, but leave them together.  (E.g., 3 layers depending on the sharpness of your scissors).
  • Cut out a strip that is about 10 centimetres (approximately 2 inches) tall and 25 centimetres long (approximately 5 inches).

Branch Blooms: CuttingTissue from make-it-your-own.com

Branch Blooms: CuttingTissue from make-it-your-own.com

Branch Blooms: Cut Tissue from make-it-your-own.com

  • Fold it on half longwise (see photograph).  A few teachers I used to work with referred to this as a “hot dog fold” which was really easy for the kids to understand.

Branch Blooms: Folding Tissue in half from make-it-your-own.com

  • Cut down from the fold to about the half way point with each incision being an equal distance apart (we did approximately 1/2 a centimetre apart).

Branch Blooms: Cutting with Fringing Scissors from make-it-your-own.com

Branch Blooms: Single Scissor Cuts from make-it-your-own.com

  • Depending on the thickness of your branch cut your tissue paper into 2-3 sections along 2 or 3 of cuts.

Branch Blooms: Cut Up Tissue to make flowers from make-it-your-own.com

  • Put a thin line of glue along the bottom of your tissue paper (where there are no cuts). Wrap it around the end of your branch gently.  If you want a more full bloom, wrap it around several times.

Branch Blooms: Line of Glue from make-it-your-own.com

Branch Blooms :Stick on the Edge from make-it-your-own.com

Branch Blooms: Wrap Tissue to form flower from make-it-your-own.com

Branch Bloom: Flower from make-it-your-own.com

  • We wrapped the bottom of the bloom with a little bit of floral tape just to firmly secure it and give it a polished finished.  When using floral tape, be sure to pull it taut to activate the glue.

Branch Blooms: Cutting Floral Tape from make-it-your-own.com

Branch Blooms: Applying Floral Tape from make-it-your-own.com

Branch Blooms: Finished Single Bloom from make-it-your-own.com

  • Use your blooms to brighten up your table, a room or tie them with a ribbon to the top of a present.

Branch Blooms from make-it-your-own.com


  • Hand/eye coordination, fine motor skill development, scissors handling skills.

Safety Notes

  • Use scissors with adult supervision.
  • Be aware of other people when handling sticks.
  • Follow the directions on glue products.
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