This photo diorama is a fun way to save memories while learning about things like foreground, middle ground and background.  It is particularly playful if you use yourself in costume- so be sure to take a photo on Halloween! 


  • Small box (like a shoe or boot box)
  • Photo of yourself (we had a slightly larger one printed inexpensively)
  • Good scissors
  • Paint
  • Decorating items
  • Glue
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Exacto knife (to be used by an adult)


  • Think of a theme for your diorama- you might be in space like ours, under the sea or in a jungle!  If you use a photo of yourself in costume, this might guide your creation.
  • Have an adult cut off the lid of your box with a good pair of scissors.  Paint the background of your box to match your photo.
  • Cut out a photo of yourself, mount it on a popsicle stick with a little space left at the bottom so you can stand yourself in a slit once your background is completed.  You will form the foreground.
  • Draw and cut things out of  the top of your box or  thick paper such as cardstock to make a background and middle ground.  This would be a good time to explore perspective with your child/ students.  Do items that are further away appear smaller?  Those closer, bigger?
  • If you need help getting things to stand, here are a few tips we have used and my students employed with success as well: 1) Use the edge/corner of the box to glue onto, like we did with the silver planet. 2) Use a popsicle stick, glued to the back of your image and the back of the box or other items.  2) Do the same with the egg section of a egg carton. 3) Use folded up paper to glue in between 4) Create further slits and back your work with popsicle sticks. 5) Fold the bottom of your image over and glue the bottom of it to the bottom of your box. 6) Suspend items using fishing line.
  • Insert yourself into the scene, after an adult has cut a slit for you.
  • Cover the outside of your box, should you like.
  • Display your photo box.

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Starting with a photo (we used one in a Halloween costume), create a diorama with yourself in it out of a shoe or boot box! This recycled art/ craft project is one where children can showcase their imagination while exploring foreground, middleground and background, along with perspective! #photoproject #diorama #photodiorama #recycledcraft #recycledart #elementaryart #backgroundforegroundmiddleground #perspective #spacecraft #shoeboxcraft #shoeboxart #Halloween #halloweencostume #halloweencraft #halloweenart


  • Learning about foreground, middle ground and background.
  • Learning about perspective.

Safety Notes

  • Be sure to use scissors and a glue gun with direct, adult supervision.
  • Follow product directions.
  • An exacto knife is to be used only by an adult.
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