• Filler Eggs (be sure that they are better quality ones that seal quite well or be sure to purchase a glue that works on plastic or wood and perhaps use an additional seal of clear tape)
  • Plastic pellets (as shown), beads, jingle bells, buttons etc.
  • Plastic sealable bag (an option for containment!)

Re-using Filler (Easter) Eggs to make your own shakers


 The other day we were at the public library in a class where we used shakers to accompany various action songs.  When we returned home we took out our shakers to replicate the experience and then got busy making our own.

We took filler eggs and scooped some plastic pellets into them, carefully sealing them.  One tip that minimizes spilling the pellets, particularly for young children is to do the scooping inside a plastic bag (with the pellets at the bottom).

You could create eggs with jingle bells, buttons, metal objects such as nuts, bolts or washers.  Vary the number of each object you put inside and ask the child to discover- is there a difference in sound with one button vs. five?  Add other objects such as pom pom- do they make a sound?  If so, why do you think it differs than that of a button?  If not, why do you think not?

Variation:  Create a set of pre-made eggs using various types of objects.  Leave one piece of the objects out of each egg.  Put it on a tray or muffin tin.  Have the child shake the eggs and try to match the contents with the items in the muffin tin without opening the eggs, relying on what they hear.  How many were they able to get correct?


Re-using materials for another purpose, exploring sound.

Safety Notes

As this activity uses small objects that could be safety hazards, it is not recommended for children 0-3 or those who tend to put objects in their mouths.

Re-using Filler Eggs to Make your Own Shakers 2

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