• Plastic Mesh (we used brown, found at a craft store, used for embroidery projects)
  • Embroidery floss (various shades of brown and light blue)
  • Plastic needle (you can purchase these at craft stores) OR a dull tipped metal needle
  • Scissors


This is a craft which gets young children started into the process of sewing/embroidery.

Begin by cutting lengths of the various embroidery thread.  For children starting out, the length from between their wrist to their elbow or their wrist to their shoulder seems to work.

Knot the end several times (depending on the size of the holes in your mesh).

Thread the other end through a needle.  Sew (as you can see we used large “stitches”) in a circular pattern (leaving an empty centre), creating a nest design using various colours of brown.  Start the first stitch from the bottom going up and finish your last stitch on the bottom so that your knots are hidden. Once a length has been used, knot it and cut off the excess thread.

In the centre create egg type shapes, using light blue embroidery thread and smaller stitches (a progression to a more difficult skill).

Threading Needle: Mesh Nest

Sewing Bird's Nest for SpringSewing Mesh Nest 1Sewing Mesh Nest 2



Fine motor skill development, hand/eye coordination, using/ becoming familiar with a variety materials.


Safety Notes

Use scissors, needles and yarn with adult supervision.


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