You can use this free template for various types of writing: procedural (steps to making something), descriptive (describing an object, location, person etc.) and for narratives (story writing).  It could be a follow-up to making your very own snow person outside!  


  • 3 paper plates (small, medium and large.  You can skip this part by using the shapes that we provided.)
  • Templates: Includes: A) Head & Bottom B) Middle: 1) Cover: 2) Primary-ruled 3) Lined snow person circle lines
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Pencil/ eraser
  • Decorating materials (felt markers, paper, fabric, felt, recyclables, beads, buttons etc. Use what you have)

We always find these items useful too:



  • Print your templates.  You need a head, bottom and the pages for the middle (Cover and writing pages.  We provided 2 options- primary ruled for younger children and one for older children- print as many as you like depending on how long you want your writing piece to be).  We suggest printing twice as many of the writing pieces that you want so that you can create a rough copy prior to a your final piece.
  • Brainstorm your ideas, number them in order and then write your rough copy.  Have an adult help you to edit it.
  • Write your good copy onto the templates.
  • Decorate the cover of your booklet and allow it to dry overnight. Remember this will create the “tummy” of your snow person.
  • Cut out your circles.  Organize your writing into order with your cover on top and then glue the pieces together.  If you notice, on the left, there is a space for you fold and then put your glue on.  Once your booklet is attached together, glue the back of the last page and then adhere it to the paper plate that you are intending for the centre.
  • Decorate the rest of your plates, making one for the head and the lower portion of the body.  Allow to dry.
  • Display your snow person for others to read!

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Use our free writing templates to create your own snowman or snow woman for you to decorate and personalize. You can use this winter craft activity for descriptive, procedural or narrative writing.


  • Developing and displaying writing for various purposes (narratives, descriptive and procedural writing).

Safety Notes

  • We suggest that you use a tray and a smock to protect your clothing and surfaces.
  • Use scissors with care and direct, adult supervision.
  • Small items such as buttons, beads etc. can be a choking hazard, therefore be sure to keep them out of the reach of children ages 0-3 years of age or those that tend to put things into their mouths.
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