Each summer we lead a children’s program and one of the centres that we always have is making friendship bracelets.  The kids love to give them to one another and it lends to community building.  We are going to show you one of our favourite methods for making friendship bracelets so that you can give them them to your friends! 



  • Valentine Printable ValentineDayCard (This includes 3 options: 2 of different skin shades and one to colour yourself!)
  • Pony beads (or other types with large holes)
  • Embroidery floss or lace
  • Scissors
  • Pencil/ eraser
  • Paper cutter* optional
  • Hole punch OR craft knife/ cutting mat/board
  • Tape (We use painter’s tape)
  • Dull, large needles with a large hole

We always find these items useful too:



  • Print your valentine card and cut them out (or use a paper trimmer).  Write the recipient’s name on them, along with yours.
  • Cut a length of floss about the size between your finger tip to your shoulder. Fold it in half.
  • At the end that is folded, make a loop and knot it as seen in the video.
  • We then taped this end to the table (be sure to check this part with an adult first).
  • Now separate the two strings out to the sides.
  • Lay the amount of beads that you would like (the more you use, the thicker your bracelet will be) in between with all the holes lined up.
  • Got though the holes going the opposite ways with the strings and pulling this taught.
  • Choose another colour and repeat this process.  Keep doing this until you have enough to wrap around your friends wrist.  This is a great time to explore patterns!
  • Once you have reached the end, double knot your two ends.
  • Punch a hole on either side of the wrist on the hand on your Valentine’s Day card.  Lace your bracelet through the holes with the bead portion in the front and then go through your loop, tie a bow and then trim your ends!  If you made a thicker bracelet like we did, instead of a hole,  have an adult make a slit with a craft knife and a cutting mat/ board on either side of the wrist to attach your bracelet to the card.
  • Voila!  A beautiful handmade gift to symbolize your friendship!

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Make this beautiful beaded Valentine's Day friendship bracelet! We provide you with a FREE, printable card to go along with your handmade craft gift!


  • Celebrating friendship.
  • Developing one’s fine motor skills.
  • Exploring patterning in a hands-on way

Safety Notes

  • Use scissors with care and direct, adult supervision.
  • Cord, yarn etc. can be a strangulation hazard, therefore be sure to use with direct supervision and for its intended purpose.
  • Beads can be a choking hazard, therefore be sure to keep them out of the reach of children ages 0-3 years of age or those that tend to put things into their mouths.
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