• Blank stationary cards (you can purchase these at dollar or craft stores)
  • Craft feathers (more of the downy type)
  • Glue
  • Craft eyes
  • Orange card stock,  construction paper or foam
  • Scissors
  • Thin orange felt marker

Bird Feather Cards- perfect for a Spring or Easter Craft


Purchase blank stationary cards or simply fold card stock in half.

Glue a craft feather on the centre, trimming off the quill first.

Glue on craft eyes.

Cut off the corner of a piece of orange paper or foam for the beak & glue on.

Draw legs and feet with a thin orange felt marker.

(This is just a starting point- be sure to “Make it Their Own”- our child’s Kindergarten teacher may have ended up with a “Merbird” (half bird/ half mermaid)!

A message can be written in the inside once the card has dried over night.

Send to friends and/or family.  Attach to a celebratory gift (birthday, arrival of a baby etc.).  It is perfect for spring or Easter cards.


Creating an image of a real creature in a simple manner.  Using fine motor skills: gluing, cutting etc.

Safety Notes

Use scissors with adult supervision.


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