If you are looking for apple activities as Fall approaches, here are a few you might enjoy:

(From left to right, top to bottom)

*Note:  Last year all of our apples on our tree were inedible, so the Playschool asked to use them for projects, thus we included ideas for those types of circumstances.  We acknowledge that many people are working towards the avoidance of food for non-consumption based ideas in their classrooms and homes.)*

Apple projects and activities for kids!

1) Pop Art Apples from Art Camp LA:  https://www.artcampla.com/new-blog/pop-art-apple?fref=gc&dti=625198980998373

2) Apple Weaving from hello, Wonderful:  http://www.hellowonderful.co/post/CARDBOARD-APPLE-WEAVING-CRAFT

3) Tips for Apple Picking from Rhythms of Playhttp://rhythmsofplay.com/apple-orchard-field-trip-ideas-for-kids/?fref=gc&dti=625198980998373

4) Collage Apples from Arty Crafty Kidshttps://www.artycraftykids.com/art/easy-apple-collage-craft/

5) Motor Skill Apples from Twitchettshttp://twitchetts.com/2017/08/apple-themed-fine-motor-activity.html/

6) Apple Pinch Pots from Red Ted Art:  http://www.redtedart.com/apple-pinch-pots-kids/

7) Apple Wall Hanging from Brainy Beginnings Networkhttps://www.brainybeginningsnetwork.com/dehydrated-apple-art?dti=625198980998373&fref=gc

8) Apple Orchard from The Craft Trainhttps://www.thecrafttrain.com/cardboard-apple-tree-craft/

9) Apple Nature Craft from Mother Naturedhttp://mothernatured.com/nature-crafts-for-kids/apple-nature-craft/

10) Apple Bean Bags from Make it Your Own: http://make-it-your-own.com/big-apple-bean-bags-and-pumpkin-ones-too/

Apple ideas, projects and activities for kids!

11) Pom Pom Apple (Cross section) from Non-Toy Giftshttp://nontoygifts.com/paper-plate-pom-pom-core-apple-craft/

12) Yarn Woven Apples from Non-Toy Giftshttp://nontoygifts.com/paper-plate-yarn-weaving-apple-craft/

13) Pine Cone Apple Trees from Buggy & Buddyhttp://buggyandbuddy.com/pinecone-apple-tree-craft/

14) Apple Stamped Bugs from Box of Ideashttps://boxofideas.uk/bugs-and-nature-simple-stamping-art-activity-with-apples-printable-included/

15) Yarn Apple Garland from The Best Ideas for Kidshttps://www.thebestideasforkids.com/yarn-apple-garland/

16) Paper Apples from Fireflies and Mud Pieshttps://www.firefliesandmudpies.com/easy-paper-strip-apple-craft-for-kids/

17)  Apple Stamped Tea Towels from Cut Out Studios: http://www.cutoutskids.com/blog/2016/9/7/apple-stamped-tea-towel-a-simple-fall-craft?rq=Apple&fref=gc&dti=625198980998373



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