Games have become quite fun at home now that our children are beginning to understand many of them and the strategies that go along with them.  They are a great opportunity to develop social skills as well-whether it be turn taking, working cooperatively to reach a goal or respecting another person’s ideas.  The children like giving games as gifts for friends, schoolmates etc. and we add a “Make Your Own” component to encourage the child’s own creativity. 


"Make your Own Game" Present Topper: Materials

  • Muslin bags
  • Fabric Dye or food colouring/shallow dish
  • Deck of cards, dice, bingo chips, game markers, spinners, play coins, egg timer etc. (You could choose any or a combination of these items often found at educational and dollar stores, whatever you like for game components)
  • Notepad, small pencil (optional)
  • Ribbon
  • Print-out of gift tag MakeYourOwnGame (with multiple copies for future use) or letter stamps/permanent stamp pad


  • For an adult: Dye the bottom of muslin bags with fabric dye.  Follow the directions on the dye and be sure to use old containers (like a clean yogurt tub) and rubber gloves. Cover any surfaces that may come in contact with the dye (including under where you hang them to dry).  With a child: Dye the bottom of the bags, using diluted food colouring.
  • Once you have let them dry overnight, you can then stamp onto the bags “Make Your Own Game” using letter stamps and a stamp pad intended for fabric.  We provided a simple tag should you like to use that instead.
  • Fill the bag with a deck of cards, dice, bingo chips, game markers, spinners, play coins etc.
  • Include a little notepad and pencil for them to write down and/or draw illustrations of how to play the game they create.

"Make your Own Game" Present Topper


  • Encouraging creativity
  • As many games use various math concepts such as probability, addition/subtraction (moving your pieces) they are a great way for kids to engage and apply their skills
  • A meaningful opportunity for writing- if they write down the instructions and see others follow them, this gets them seeing the value of communication.

Safety Notes

  • Many of the materials suggested (dice, bingo chips, play coins) are choking hazards, therefore they are not recommended for children 0-3.  Be sure to store the materials in a safe space.
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