Some of my favourite memories are family dinners with my beloved sisters.  Have your child(ren) add a personal element to your next get together.



  • Small twigs
  • Craft wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Beads (we painted wooden ones and used a variety of others)
  • Letter beads (you can purchase various sizes and styles of these dollar and craft stores.)
  • Optional: Modge Podge/Paint Brush/ Craft Tray/ Plastic Container for product


  • Go out on a nature walk together.  Gather twigs (you will need 3-4 per ring and it always good to have a few extras).
  • After an adult has broken the twigs to be about the same size (big enough to put a napkin through when they are looped together), lay 2 of the twigs parallel to each other.  On top lie two of the other twigs, forming a square.  We decided to make triangle shapes, so we used 3.

Personalized Napkin Rings: Put Twigs together from

  • Wrap pieces of wire (you will need four longer pieces) around the corners of the squares (as seen on the photograph), going several different ways.  We found it helpful to make an “x” so it was secure.

Personalized Napkin Rings: Secure with wire from

Personalized Napkin Rings: Wire ends from

  • We decided to cover our sticks with Modge Podge to add a bit of gloss and for longevity.  Paint your triangles and allow them to dry overnight.  Be sure to wash your brush following and discard your container.

Personalized Napkin Rings: Apply gloss from

Personalized Napkin Rings: Cover with gloss from

  • Now for the decorative part.  Lace beads through another piece of wire to wrap around your napkin ring.  We used alphabet beads to spell out the names of our family and/or friends.  (You could also do initials or a nick name as we did).  Wrap it around the napkin ring (well to be more accurate- triangle!) and secure the ends, having an adult cut off any excess wire.

Personalized Napkin Rings: Beads from

Personalized Napkin Rings: Anchor Bead from

Personalized Napkin Rings: Add Beads from

Personalized Napkin Rings: Alphabet Beads from

  • Gently slide  a napkin into the centre.

Personalized Napkin Ring from

Personalized Napkin Rings from

Personalized Napkin Rings from

  • Following the meal, put them in a safe spot to re-use for another gathering or use them to make a mobile or garland to remember a special get together (birthday, holiday celebration etc.)


  • Getting out into nature, re-imagining a familiar item (twigs)
  • Developing hand/eye coordination & fine motor skills (bending wire, lacing beads etc.)
  • Making family rituals special.

Safety Notes

  • Have an adult cut the wire into manageable pieces for you and be cautious of the ends as they may be sharp.
  • Beads can be a choking hazard and are not recommended for children 0-3 or those that tend to put them in their mouth.  Be sure to store them in safe spot when done.
  • Follow the directions on products.
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