Along with water, sand seems to be a favourite play material.  This year at Kindergarten our son loved digging for jewels (plastic gems) and we used our allowance to buy various types of rocks to become geologists.  Inspired by commercial tactile letters (with various textured surfaces to connecting learning through touch), we decided to write and draw with sand.  Although we used purchased coloured sand, I am sure in the summer we could have gotten enough for this activity from our dryer after playing at the park!


Drawing & Writing with Sand: Supplies from

  • Thick paper such as cardstock
  • White glue (in a bottle- a thin nozzle is best!)
  • Craft sand *
  • Craft tray
  • Large piece of paper
  • Pencil/ eraser
  • Broom/dustpan

* Tip:  We used Crayola Play Sand which you can purchase quite inexpensively at mid-late summer at large toy stores.  However, wouldn’t it be a lovely keepsake if you used sand from a beach that you went to on holiday and framed the piece…


  • Cover your craft tray with a large piece of paper.  This will catch the sand that doesn’t adhere to the glue.
  • Decide what you want to write or draw on your cardstock.  Sketch this out lightly with your pencil.
  • Trace your sketch or writing with your glue.

Drawing & Writing with Sand: Apply Glue from

  • Sprinkle your sand on top of your glue.  Gently tap the excess sand off.  Allow to dry overnight.

Drawing & Writing with Sand: Sprinkle Sand from

Drawing & Writing with Sand: Cover with Sand from

  • Take your excess sand and roll your paper into a funnel shape, allowing you to put it back into your container for re-use.

Drawing & Writing with Sand: Shake Excess Sand from

  • Be sure to sweep up the floor under your work surface or do this outside at some place like a picnic table.
  • Display your creation.

Drawing & Writing with Sand from


  • Using different materials to create sensory experiences.
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