We recently made a paper fairy garden for some neighbours and the kids enjoyed the process so much that we decided to create a paper farm to go along with recently gifted Connetix Tiles vehicle set (https://connetixtiles.com/shop/) and a writing booklet as well!  The Connetix Tiles are by far the best magnet tiles that we have played with in that the magnets are super strong so the kids can build far bigger and more complex constructions.  This is not a sponsored post- we honestly love them! 



  • Washed milk/ beverage cartons (2L)
  • Paper (we used cardstock for a more sturdy build)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Farm Vehicles (we constructed ours from https://connetixtiles.com/shop/)
  • Cardboard tubes (re-use TP or paper towel rolls)
  • Paint, brush

We always find these items useful too:



  • There are options that are fully coloured for each idea or ones that you can colour yourself.
  • Print the barn pieces.  Cut them out, fold along the dotted lines and glue them on the side of your milk cartons.
  • Print our your animals and cut them along the dotted lines. Glue the two pieces together, back to back.  Along with the animals is a tuft of grass which they will stand in.  Snip the line under the animal’s feet and the one in the grass and then slide one into the other to make them stand.  You could also add toy animal figurines if you have them.
  • Print your roads and railroads and cut them out.  The grass folds up along the roads if you like.  You can connect them together to build an intricate system.
  • Print and add a pond to your farm yard if you like.
  • The trees work with the same premise as the animals.  Paint cardboard tubes to use as the trunk and insert the tree tops into the trunks along the smaller snip lines.
  • Add your farm vehicles.  We created ours out of the Connetix vehicle set (the roads and the railway are the width of the wheel base).  Find them here: https://connetixtiles.com/shop/
  • Enjoy your farm!

Farm Writing Booklet

  • Print the cover of the booklet that you like (you can either chose a coloured version or one to colour yourself).  We used cardstock for the front and back cover as it is a bit more sturdy and then regular paper for the interior writing pages.  Use the writing booklet to describe what happens on a farm or perhaps a report on one of the animals that are found on a farm.  You could also use it for narrative writing.  You may find this story writing template helpful: story planner.  We printed some extra copies of the interior pages so we could write a rough copy, edit it with an adult and then write a good copy.

If you like this idea, we also have:

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This printable paper farm transforms a 2L milk or beverage carton into a barn and then provides with you with various printables to create a farm!  Also included is a lined barn and cover page for writing your own story, extending your play!  * All items come in a coloured version and one you can colour yourself*  The templates included are:  1) Standing paper animals  2) Stackable hay bales  3) Paper roads that connect together  4) Paper train tracks to connect together 5) A paper pond  6) 3D paper trees 7) Writing booklet (lined pages & cover) 8) Story planner  #papercrafts #papercraft #farm #downonthefarm #farmtheme #milkcartoncraft #recycledcraft #kidscrafts  #writingbooklet

If you love this idea, why not make a PAPER FAIRY GARDEN too!

Find the printables here: http://make-it-your-own.com/paper-fairy-garden-and-writing-booklet/


Printable Kids' Activities for Learning (STEM, FINE MOTOR, SMALL WORLD PLAY, DRAMA etc)

Find the printables here:



  • Reimagining recyclables for play.
  • Writing for various purposes whether it be fiction or non fiction.

Safety Notes

  • We suggest that you use a tray and a smock to protect your clothing and surfaces.
  • Use scissors with care and direct, adult supervision.
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