A little gift for the dad who likes to read.


Photo Bookmark: Supplies

  • Fabric
  • Photo fabric transfer paper
  • Sewing Machine/ thread OR fabric glue
  • Cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Fabric scissors OR a Rotary cutter & self healing mat
  • Printer
  • Iron
  • Camera
  • Bone Folder (optional)


  • Take a photo of your child and import it onto your computer.
  • Size and print the image onto the photo transfer paper (following the directions for the chosen brand).  We made our print about 5 cm across (thinking that the bookmark space including the image and below would be about 15 cm).
  • Iron your fabric so it is wrinkle free.
  • We then ironed the image onto fabric, according to the product directions.  Two things to note, based on our experience.  Choose a light coloured, but slightly heavier, less prone to wrinkling fabric.  If you want a clear image iron on a flat, heat resistant surface.  If you want a more aged look (which as you will read in other posts is something our son is interested in right now), use an ironing board.
  • We made sure there was about a 3 cm border around the 5cm X 15 cm bookmark when cutting out the fabric with the image in the centre.  We then cut out another piece of fabric the same size for the back of the book mark.  We used a rotary cutter, ruler as a guide for it and a self healing mat, but fabric scissors would work well too.
  • Put the good sides of the fabric and the image facing each other.
  • Sew around the sides and top, using the foot of your sewing machine to create an equal margin. Don’t sew the bottom as this is where you will turn it inside out.  You could also hand sew this or use fabric glue.
  • Trim the excess edges and clip a bit off the corners so it will lie more flat when you turn it inside out.
  • Turn it inside out through the hole that you have left at the bottom.  We gently used a bone folder  inside to push the fabric out to better form the corners.
  • Cut a piece of cardstock just slightly smaller than your stitched area and slide it into the bookmark pocket.  This will bring some stability to the project.
  • Fold the bottom edges in neatly and sew across with your sewing machine to complete the bookmark.

Photo Bookmark:  Measure and cut two pieces of matching fabric


Photo Book Mark: Pieces


Photo Bookmark: Put right sides together


Photo Bookmark: Sew Around Edge


Photo Bookmark: Trim Edges


Photo Bookmark: Trimmed


Photo Bookmark: Turn inside out

Bookmark Final



  • Thinking of others, promoting reading, fine motor skills

Safety Notes

  • Items like fabric scissors and a sewing machine should be used with direct adult supervision/guidance.
  • It is recommended that items like an iron and rotary cutter be used by an adult.
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