We were most delighted that Olga (a former University educator who now works with children) took a bit of inspiration from our Fall Fun posts of tracing leaves onto felt and created several activities for teaching English.  From my experience as an educator it was lovely to see ideas that were engaging, hands-on and had visual aids to make the link between the vocabulary and the objects and ideas!   Here is her original post and a big thank you to Olga for allowing us to share her images with our readers!


Here are her ideas:

  • Use the leaves as props to identify colours particularly those that are typically seen in the Fall.

Reader idea: http://olga-ekb.ru/story/2014/10/12/osennie-listya-iz-fetra

  • Play a memory game where the children look at the leaves and then one child removes a leaf for the other children (while they are not looking) to try to guess which one it was.  Add more items depending on the children’s age.

Reader idea: http://olga-ekb.ru/story/2014/10/12/osennie-listya-iz-fetra

  • Provide children with various sizes of sticks to create a tree, identifying what would be like the trunk, branch, twig, looking at the difference between leaf and leaves (singular and plural spelling changes).

Reader idea from: http://olga-ekb.ru/story/2014/10/12/osennie-listya-iz-fetra

  • Or using your hand to make the tree:

Reader idea from: http://olga-ekb.ru/story/2014/10/12/osennie-listya-iz-fetra

  • In the comments section, Olga further suggested using the felt leaves for learning the various types of tress they came from or to make a felt tree for the leaves and show how they change with each season.

Included in the post were theses links:

Thank you again Olga!  You truly seem like you enjoy working with children and I can imagine from your ideas, they enjoy learning with you!

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  1. Olga-ekb

    Dear Boonie,

    Thank you for sharing my ideas with your readers. It’s really thrilling to be able to exchange ideas like this all! It makes one feel neighbourly towards people from all over the globe. :)


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