Readers Who “Made it Their Own”!

To celebrate our first three readers who sent us activities that they “Made Their Own”, we will be sending them a surprise!  Please scroll down to see what it is!

(All the give-aways are provided by: Us!)

1) A big thank you to M. (Age 6),  A. (Age 4) and their little brother S. (Age 1, taking a nap) for sending in a photograph of themselves creating their very own bird nest baskets.  We thought you might need a bird to fill your nest so we are sending you this bird puppet!



2) Our next reader, H. (Age 4) sent us his feather card birds.  We love the tuft of feathers on the top!  We are sending him this feather pencil case to store his art supplies.  Thank you H.!




3) Our next reader, Angelique (a teacher from Toronto, Ontario, Canada) sent us a description about what she did with filler eggs in her classroom.  Her students sit in groups that are colour coded.  She made each group a map that they had to use cooperatively to search for eggs that corresponded with their group’s colour throughout the classroom.  When they found the eggs, they were filled with capsules that when you put them in water they dissolved and a small sponge expanded.  What a fun twist on an egg hunt!  We are sending her class a set of play vegetables to add to a class store or house centre (we heard that they just finished having a hair salon!).   We hope that they have fun with it!




Thank you to all the readers who sent us their creations and ideas!  We appreciate your participation!


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