This is a technique that I used to do with my students.  I would show them the process, give them a few tips and then they would pick a theme to draw and create their own image.  (I still have a piece that a student gave me of a girl looking out onto a lake in a meadow of flowers- gorgeous!)  We show you a seasonal idea so you can get the concept and then apply it to something you want to create!  We’d love to see your projects on Instagram (please tag us):


  • Large piece of paper for the background
  • Paint
  • Paper towel
  • Pencil/ eraser
  • Glue stick
  • Paper (construction paper, cardstock or you could try copy paper)

We always find these items useful too:



  • Paint a background or use a large sheet of construction or thick paper.  Our daughter used paper towel to create a simple, textured looking sky for her image.  Allow to dry overnight.
  • Sketch out your image.  The smaller the details, the smaller you will have to rip your pieces of paper.  We outlined our image in marker for you to see it more clearly in the video, however, it is easier to hide your lines when you don’t.
  • Rip your pieces of paper.  We suggest you go with pieces about the size of the pad of your fingers- depending on your age and abilities, you can rip them smaller like our daughter did.  This is a perfect activity to use up scraps and end cuts from other projects!
  • Glue your pieces into place, covering your lines.  Some children find it helpful to do the perimeter and then fill in the inside.
  • Use different shades of paper to create the appearance of depth.
  • Allow to dry and hang up your piece!

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This paper collage technique is a great way to use up scraps or end cuts for art and crafting! It develops one's fine motor skills and the technique can be applied to any theme! This example makes a lovely Fall project! #fallcraft #fallart #rippedpapercraft #rippedpaperart #sunflower #sunflowerart #sunflowercraft #recycledcraft


  • Developing one’s fine motor skills
  • Applying a technique to a seasonal project

Safety Notes

  • We suggest that you use a tray and a smock to protect your clothing and surfaces.
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