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thank-youA big thank you to everyone who has taken the time to stop by and take a peek at our ideas. We sincerely appreciate your support and positive feedback.

We also wanted to thank Owl Kids for featuring our nest video on their blog.  Our kids received Chirp Magazine as a gift and we renewed the subscription as they enjoyed it so much.  There is nothing more thrilling than receiving your own mail (I myself had a subscription to both Chickadee and Owl as a child) and they have great pieces for increasing children’s literacy and fantastic hands-on projects (which is our favourite part of the magazine).

Additionally, we wanted to thank Vitamin Daily for sharing our idea on re-using filler eggs to explore patterning.  They were very generous and their article is quite fun to read.  If you haven’t checked out this online lifestyle magazine with posts on Arts and Culture, Travel, Decor, Kids and so much more, please do.  Canadian readers can customize their subscription to the area they live in or regions and topics that interest them.





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  1. Jane

    I can not say enough about your website! Everything about it is inviting and inspiring and keeps you coming back for more! Your attention to detail with the beautiful photos and entertaining videos make it easy to get excited and want to create! As a playschool teacher, who loves to craft, I am always looking for new and age appropriate ideas, thank you for sharing yours!

    • Bonnie Scorer

      Thank you Jane! Your positive feedback was so meaningful to read, particularly from your background of working with children. We hope people are able to get inspired or take away an idea for the re-imagining of something they have seen before. My mother-in-law was a long time (amazing) playschool teacher so we have great respect for the profession. Our children have certainly benefitted (and continue to do so) from the experience of pre-school. I was a teacher myself and my first class is just finishing their exams and graduating from University. It is so exciting to hear what many of them are going to be up to! How long have you been a teacher? If you ever have an idea you would like to share, please let us know. Again, your warm words were a delight to read. Most sincerely, Bonnie-


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