We love to use baskets for baby gifts (so they can be re-used for storage), but sometimes the present just doesn’t fit (e.g., comes already in a box).  This is a simple and quick way to wrap a gift to welcome a new arrival and re-use materials.


"Welcome to the World" Baby Gift Wrap: Materials

  • Map
  • Clear Tape
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Hole Punch
  • Print-out of gift tag or make your own


  • Re-purpose an old map by wrapping a baby gift in it.
  • Since a map often has many folds in it, it a forgiving material for children learning to wrap gifts.
  • Once it is all wrapped up, add a lovely fabric ribbon and a print-out of our gift tag WelcometotheWorld (There are spots for names and multiple copies for future use or multiple births!) or make your own.

"Welcome to the World" Baby Gift Wrap


  • Re-using materials for a different purpose
  • Thinking of others

Safety Notes

  • If you need to trim the map, using scissors, do so with adult supervision

"Welcome to the World" Baby Gift Wrap

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