Our kids love making Valentine boxes and we wanted to share our collection of them for you to make for at home or at school!  Writing Valentine’s Day cards is a great way to learn how to write other children’s names and one’s own.  It also allows you to spread kindness which is definitely something we are big fans of!  Our Valentine Box ideas often start out with materials that you have at home because we love making recycled crafts.  Our base is usually a Kleenex (tissue) box as that opening is easy to start with.  If you give our boxes a try we’d love to see them on Instagram or if you have Valentine box ideas, we are always delighted to see other people’s creativity too- please tag us!  (https://www.instagram.com/make_it_your_own_/)


1) Llama Valentine Box

This is definitely our most popular Valentine box!  It comes with free printables with several variations.  Add some pom poms or cotton balls and you have a fluffy llama craft that you can now decorate to “make it your own”:

Find the printables here: http://make-it-your-own.com/llama-valentines-day-box/

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Transform a tissue box into a llama Valentine's Day box to hold all your cards and treasures! This recycled craft comes with five free, printable templates for you to chose from and design and decorate!

2) Rainbow Valentine Box

This 3-D box allows kids to create with the light weight model magic clay to create a colourful rainbow and clouds!  (We have heard that people have also used the idea to make a leprechaun home or trap too)

Find all the details and tips here: http://make-it-your-own.com/rainbow-valentine-box-card/

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Transform a tissue box into a box to collect Valentine's Day cards! Make the rainbow and the clouds out of Crayola Model Magic to turn your box into the sky. This Valentine's day recycled craft is sure to bring a smile to kids' faces and includes a free printable card you could attach to rainbow crayons, bead to make a necklace or a paint palette! Find the details here: http://make-it-your-own.com/rainbow-valentine-box-card/

3) Flower Garden Valentine Box & Card 

This Valentine box comes with free flower printables or you can create your own florals.  We show you how to make some easy flower stems that stick into your Valentine box to give it the 3D effect of flowers growing!

Find the printables here: http://make-it-your-own.com/flower-garden-valentine-box/

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We provide you with free prinables to make both a flower garden box for collecting notes and a flower Valentine's Day card to give away to your classmates! Wouldn't it be cute to attach them to a packet of seeds for your friends!?

4) LEGO Valentine Box & Card

Kids just building blocks and we provide you with a free card printable card that folds into a LEGO brick for you to give some real ones to your classmates.  Again we use a tissue box to create a simple box to match the card!

Building Block Valentine: Make this LEGO inspired Valentine for your classmates and this Building Block Valentine Box to go with it! This paper and recyclable craft is sure to be a hit!

Find the printables here: https://www.redtedart.com/lego-valentines-box-card/

5) Baby Yoda Valentine Box

This is definitely one of the kids’ favourite characters in the Star Wars series and they wanted to create some fan art in the form of a Valentine box.  My daughter’s teacher dressed up as Princess Leia and so she thought this would make a good Valentine box for her!

Find the printable here: http://make-it-your-own.com/baby-yoda-valentine-box/

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Baby Yoda Valentine's Day Box: Transform an old tissue box into this cute baby Yoda to hold your Valentine's Day cards! We show this recycled Valentine's day craft for kids which is sure to make classmates smile. With a kleenex box, some felt, buttons, a cheese wheel and model magic, you too can create your own baby Yoda project to hold your Valentines.

6) Robot Valentine’s Box

This is an adorable idea that you could use for all types of learning afterwards!

Find the printable here: http://make-it-your-own.com/robot-valentine-box-and-cards/

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Robot Valentine's Day Box: With these printables and recyclables (a Kleenex tissue box and cardboard tubes), make these adorable Valentine boxes! Additionally, there are two card options for school Valentine's Day cards! This kids' Valentine' Day craft is one to surely impress!

6) Ancient Egypt Valentine’s Box

When I was a teacher the kids LOVED learning about Ancient Egypt and this fun Valentine Box is sure to inspire further learning!

Find the printable here: http://make-it-your-own.com/ancient-egyptian-valentines-day-box/

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Ancient Egypt Valentine's Day Box: With these free printables and a Kleenex tissue box, make these fun sarcophagus to store your Valentine's Day cards! Included is two options for printable cards as well!

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Valentine Box Ideas for Kids: We show you how to take recyclables and make these Valentine Day Boxes for kids to use at school for their Valentine's Day cards!


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