our readers!  As today is Canadian Thanksgiving we just wanted to express how appreciative we are of you taking the time to visit us.

Whether you are a family of mini makers, an educator, a fellow children’s site or someone who wants to try something new, we are grateful.

Last week, we were sent this activity from Erin Y. and her 3 young boys (D. who is 4.5 and her twins K. & T. who are 14 months).  They made this October keepsake gift together for their family and with small children ourselves, we know this is quite the feat (and in this case feet!) to get all the kids involved.  As you know, we are beginners in the sewing department and I am always so impressed by Erin’s sewing projects.

Make-it-your-own.com readers!

Make-it-your-own.com reader project

Make-it-your-own.com reader project

We wanted to thank her family with this book: Art Lab for Kids by Susan Schwake

"Art Lab for Kids" Give Away at make-it-your-own.com

Have you tried something on our site or made something fun for yourself or with your children or students?  We would sincerely love to see it!

Thanks again Erin!  You made our week!

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