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  • Found twigs (or an alternative for younger children may be popsicle sticks as they are easier to handle/ glue down.) You could use them in their natural form or paint them various colours of brown.
  • White graft glue
  • Cardstock (or we used a canvas)
  • Paper for eggs (e.g., scraps of oragami, chiyogami, crepe paper etc.)
  • Feathers
  • Scissors
  • Print out of the accompanying writing activity Eggs Need a Nest Because…

Bird's nest using found twigsBird's Nest using Found Twigs 2


Bird's Nest using Found Twigs 3

As finer items are sometimes difficult for some kids such as pre-schoolers to work with, popsicle sticks make a great alternative to the twigs to start with OR gather fallen twigs or ones that have already been trimmed off a tree.

Glue the back of the popsicle sticks or twigs and adhere them to a background piece of paper or canvas in the shape of nest.

Cut eggs out of paper and add them to your nest.  To create interest we used scraps of origami paper, crepe paper etc.

Add some feathers to layer the inside of your nest.

Writing Accompaniment: Finish this sentence on the attached page with your writing: Eggs need a nest because….



Fine motor skill development, using found objects, thinking about the purpose of things.


Safety Notes

Go outside with adult supervision.

Use scissors with adult supervision




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