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  • Plastic or wooden filler eggs of various sizes, colours, patterns or textures
  • Ice cube tray, paint tray or egg carton
  • Mailing labels and/or colour stickers
  • Paint
  • Shallow tray
  • Smock
  • Thin Felt Markers
  • Scissors
  • Storage Nest (optional)

Reviewing patterning with filler (Easter) eggs Reviewing patterning with filler (Easter) eggs


Using a ice cube tray or an egg carton, create patterns together with filler eggs, based on attributes such as size, type, colour etc.

Then try to increase the complexity by having your child add their own images.  We used mailing labels and made “eggs” out of our thumbprints using light blue paint and “chicks” using yellow paint.  (Once the paint dried we added details with thin felt markers).

You could also use letters, numbers or other symbols.

Patterning with Filler (Easter) Eggs, using Thumbprint bird and egg labels


Exploring attributes related to patterning, developing patterns and defining rules related to this.  You may want to introduce your child to vocabulary such the core of the pattern, what rule is used, how do you extend the pattern? etc.

Safety Notes

Use scissors with adult supervision.


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