We wanted to share some of our favourite things that we love to give for the holidays!  None of the ideas are sponsored and nor do we use affiliate links- these are just things that we genuinely love!


1) In lieu of gifts, we give donations for the adults in our family and close friends.  These are organizations that are important to ourselves or the recipient.   However, we like to attach a handmade ornament to the donation card.  Here are a few we have made in the past:

Snow person: http://make-it-your-own.com/silvery-snow-snow-person-ornament/

Santa, Mrs. Claus & Elf Ornaments:


Clay Ornament Faces

Clay Faceshttp://make-it-your-own.com/clay-portrait-ornaments/

Shrink Art Snow Globe Ornaments: Children can make these unique ornaments by drawing themselves inside a snowy setting!

Shrink Art Ornamentshttp://make-it-your-own.com/snow-globe-shrink-art-ornaments/

AND Our favourite handmade cards:

Handmade SnowPerson Cards with make-it-your-own.com (Creative activities for kids!)

Snow Peoplehttp://make-it-your-own.com/handmade-cards-make-your-own-snowperson/

Glitter Glue Resist Ornament Cards with make-it-your-own.com (Creative activities for kids!)

Ornament Card: http://make-it-your-own.com/handmade-cards-ornaments/

Tree Cards with make-it-your-own.com (Creative activities for kids!)

Snowy Forest: http://make-it-your-own.com/handmade-cards-snowy-forest/


Candle Cards: http://make-it-your-own.com/handmade-cards-candles/

2) We do give gifts to teachers and help Santa with the stockings of our family members so here are a few items we like to add:

  • Plantiful: https://plantiful.ca/  I wear Plantiful’s lip butter every day (and night)- I just love it!  With their new compostable tube with 3 times the amount of lip butter in it, I pop in my coats, purse and have one beside my bed.  My kids like to have one by their bed and in their back packs for school too!  We love their vapour balm (I literally have it on while I am typing this), face masks, hand creams, pain remedies and make-up remover (so good for face paint).  I like that all their products are plant based.  My friends and the kids’ teachers can attest, that their products make lovely gifts!

Plantiful Lip Butter

  • Justine Ma Designshttps://justinema.ca/ Since my kids just love making, I think it is always important to support makers and Justine is a favourite of our whole family!  She has beautiful, handmade ornaments, cards (which I am always giving my family members) and cake toppers.  If you look at Justine’s site, she participates in many events in her community, promotes and donates to initiatives and is a lovely friend!

Justine Ma Designs Holiday Ornaments

Justine Ma Designs Grandpa Ornament

Justine Ma Designs Grandma Ornament

  • This year we are adding all sorts of re-useable items to our adult stockings such as metal straws, veggie bags, wax wraps etc.  My husband always likes consumables too- hot sauce, chocolate etc.  And my mom always taught us to include some practical items such as nail clippers, combs etc. as well.
  • For teachers, if we know that they like something in particular, we try to align our gift ideas to that.  So for example, give bakers things to use in their kitchen, cook books etc.  Other gift ideas include:  stationary, throws, winter wear, candles, body care items, tea/ coffee, books gift cards etc.  We include a handmade piece of art, or an ornament, along with a personal note of appreciation.   We will also try to include a children’s book with an inscribed note.

Kid Gift and Stocking Ideas

We generally don’t give our kids tonnes of gifts as we travel for the holidays to visit family and try to focus on experiences such as lessons, activities etc.  However, we select one toy to share and help Santa with the stockings!  Here are a few ideas:

Woodpeckers Peg Dolls


Woodpeckers Snowman Peg Doll

  • Melanie Shanks: https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/MyBigWorldPlayscapes Melanie makes beautiful, hand-sewn felt PLAYMATS and our kids just love playing with figurines (animals, fairies, sea creatures etc.), so these play mats are perfect for play in both your home or classroom.

Melanie Shanks Felt Play Mat

Adventures in a Box Fairy Shadow Puppet Set

Pink Nou Nou Softies

  • This year our children’s gift to share is going to be Connetix Magnet Tileshttps://connetixtiles.com/.  We have heard such great reviews about their magnet strength and can’t wait until they are available for order here in Canada!


  • In the past our children have enjoyed Schleich figurines, Playmobil, various building items such as LEGO, forts and cardboard blocks.  They love items for dramatic play such as puppets and costumes as well.  Board games have also been a hit as they have grown.  If you want age specific toy recommendations the developmental information behind those selections Toy Ideas is a good site: https://www.toy-ideas.com/
  • This year the cousins are getting a Building Kit from us or

  • A Gingerbread Kit  (video coming out soon)


We just love Children’s picture books and novels and here are a few of our favourite sites for book recommendations:  (we give our neighbours books if they have children and treats/ hot chocolate/ tea if they don’t)

  • Innovation Presshttps://www.theinnovationpress.com/our-books I like that the Innovation Press illuminates the careers and contributions of women to STEM related fields.  Here are some of their newest titles that we have been reading:

Innovation Press Books

My Color Is Rainbow Book

  • Here Wee Read: http://hereweeread.com/ This is such a great site for diverse titles which is something that I always tried to focus on as teacher and in our family in expanding our library.
  • Kid Art Lithttps://www.kidartlit.com/  Megan and Julia have created a subscription box that combines their love of Children’s picture books and art, delivered right to your door!

Project Books:

These make lovely gifts for little friends with a few supplies in a basket, along with the book.  Here are a few that we have enjoyed lately:

Babble Dabble Do Bot Book

  • Best Ideas for Kids: https://www.thebestideasforkids.com/ . Kim’s new book is all about recyclables which is great for the earth and I know my kids are always using the recycling bin as place to get inspiration!

Fun and Easy Crafting with Recycled Materials Book

Red Ted Art Paper Project Book

Sticks and Stones Book Fireflies and Mudpies

  • Color Made Happy Rock Painting Book: https://colormadehappy.com/  Our youngest just loves rocks and so we are often creating with them.  Sam’s book had the best recommendations for supplies to use and potential ideas for projects!  We truly feel like it took the kids’ rock creations to the next level!

Rock Art Handbook Color Made Happy

We’d love to hear your holiday gift recommendations!  We hope you have a most wonderful one, with the greatest gift- the warmth of family & friends! 






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