Re-imagine a milk carton into this small world play scene!  These inexpensive, paper props are a great to incorporate Halloween into your child’s play and of course we love using recyclables for another purpose.  



We always find these items useful too: SmockCraftTray


  • Wash your beverage carton throughly with soap and water and rinse it well, allowing it to dry overnight.
  • Print your beverage carton house on thick paper such as cardstock and cut it out.
  • Fold along the dotted lines.
  • Glue the two pieces on the carton where the roof of the the haunted house lines up with the peaks of the milk carton near the top.
  • Cut out the characters and props and glue the opposite duplicates back to back.  Do the same with the stands. Make a cut along the dotted lines on the characters and the stands and insert them into one another.  You could make paper items of your own to add.
  • Set up your scene and add any things that you might like to enhance it (small toy figurines for trick or treaters etc.)


  • If you want to add a door for your characters to go into your haunted house, take a baby wipe lid and place it on the door of your haunted house.
  • Open the lid and trace around the inside.
  • Paint your lid with acrylic paint if you like.
  • Have an adult cut out the traced portion.
  • Glue the lid down with a sturdy/ child-safe glue.
  • Allow to dry.
  • Voila!  A door to open your haunted house up!

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Milk Carton Haunted House:  Use a beverage carton to make this recycled Halloween craft!  These printables are great for kids' to make and play with, making their own small world! (Printable includes play props as well)


  • Recognizing some of the symbols associated with various holidays and celebrations.
  • Reusing recyclables.
  • Encouraging play which incorporates communication, imagination and interaction!

Safety Notes

  • We suggest that you use a tray and a smock to protect your clothing and surfaces.
  • Use scissors with care and direct, adult supervision.
  • Be sure to throughly WASH your beverage carton prior to use!
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