Use the stage to take the kid puppets trick or treating, have a party together or anything your imagination might conjure up!  There is a second set of Halloween characters (ghosts, cats etc.) to have fun with too and two different backgrounds for your recycled Halloween Puppet Theatre! 


  • Printables: stage
  • Cardstock
  • Box with a side that is approximately the size of/ larger than a standard piece of paper or bigger (8 1/2 by 11 inches)
  • Paint
  • Paint brush
  • Craft knife (to be used by an adult only)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Paint stir sticks or craft sticks (popsicle or tongue depressor size) This is a great place to get them from:

We always find these items useful too:



  • Print out your theatre and trick or treaters on thick paper such as cardstock.
  • Paint your box and allow it to dry overnight.
  • Cut out the centre of the theatre. (We did this by gently bending the paper in half and making a snip and then carefully cutting out the inside.  You may need some adult assistance with this component).
  • Lay your theatre onto your box and trace around the interior (that you cut out) with a pencil.
  • Have an adult cut this area out for you, cutting slightly outside of the line.
  • Glue on your theatre.
  • Cut out your characters and glue them to the bottom of a paint stir stick or two tongue depressors or popsicle sticks together (end to end to make them long enough).
  • Have an adult cut out a wide slit at the top of the box to put in your characters on your paint sticks.
  • Put on your very own play!

Fall Writing Paper Templates and Pencil Topper Printables (Great for Halloween, Fall or Thanksgiving Writing)

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Halloween Puppet Theatre:  Use the printables to make this paper stick puppet theatre out of a recycled cardboard box and paint stir sticks (or popsicle sticks/ tongue depressors).  This kids' craft is a fun make and play for Halloween celebrations! #halloween #kidshalloween #kidshalloweencraft #kidscraft #stickpuppets #puppet #puppetheatre #dramaticplay #preschool #kindergarten #preschoolhalloweencraft #kindergartenHalloweencraft #recycledcraft #fallcraft #trickortreaters

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Using the printables, children can practise these math skills through a Halloween theme: - Counting within a 10 frame - Patterning - Sorting (by size and colour) - Adding through a "Roll and Count" game and matching through attributes. And an activity just for fun: spider tic tac toe!

Fall Fingerprint Cards: We provide you the templates to make cards with your child's fingerprints for Thanksgiving and Halloween! This is a personal way to say hello to Grandma and Grandpa, for friends and neighbours! This simple seasonal craft allows children to practise their writing skills in meaningful ways! #fallcraft #thanksgivingcraft #halloweencraft


  • Recognizing the symbols associated with various seasons and celebrations.

Safety Notes

  • We suggest that you use a tray and a smock to protect your clothing and surfaces.
  • Use scissors and a glue gun with care and direct, adult supervision.
  • A craft or utility knife should only be used by an adult and then put away in an unreachable place.
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