This is a great personal gift for dads afar.


Send-able Hug: Supplies

  • Fabric (such as felt)
  • Bristol board
  • Pencil
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Template A Hug From Me to You  AHugMeToYou
  • Printer


  • Have your child lay on bristol board and trace their outstretched arms.  This is a great activity for two kids to do together.  Cut this out.
  • To simplify we did the hands and cut out long strip in between for the “hug” for our fabric version.

Send-able Hug: Supplies Tracing Hands

  • Pin it onto fabric such as felt and cut out with fabric scissors.  You could also simply do a paper version.

Send-able Hug: Pin on Fabric

Send-able Hug: Final project

  • We sewed around the edges just to create a little interest.
  • Print the provided template, add a personal message.
  • Tuck the hug and the template into an envelope and send to your father, grandpa or mentor.

Send-able Hug: Tuck into envelope & mail


  • Beginning to understand written correspondence.  Using a physical symbol/ representation for an idea/ gesture.

Safety Notes

  • Use scissors with adult supervision.
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