A simple printing technique to make a beach bag for your teacher or yourself.


Supplies Beach Bag make-it-your-own.com

  • Blank canvas bag (you can purchase these at craft stores)
  • Bubble wrap (re-use it from packaging or purchase at a post office)
  • Various colours of blue fabric paint
  • Two craft trays (you can use one to apply the paint or use a large tile as we did)
  • Brayer or paint brush
  • Large piece of cardboard (the size of the bag)
  • Scissors
  • Fabric pen
  • Smock
  • Printout of the gift tag “A Beach Bag for You!” BeachBag


  • Don a smock (especially as you don’t want to get fabric paint on your clothes!)
  • Cut a large piece of cardboard to go into your bag (so the paint won’t seep through to the other side) and insert it.

Cardboard in Bag make-it-your-own.com

  • Cut your bubble wrap into wave shapes or for younger children long, thick strips.

Cut Bubble Wrap re: Beach Bag make-it-your-own.com

  • Pour one colour of your fabric paint into a shallow tray.
  • We used a brayer (rolling it over the paint several times in the tray to get a thin, even coat) to apply the paint to the bubble wrap or you could brush it on or simply dip the bubble wrap in.

Paint to Brayer Beach Bag make-it-your-own.com

Paint to Bubble Wrap Beach Bag make-it-your-own.com

Paint on Bubble Wrap make-it-your-own.com

Bubble Wrap Options: Make Waves or Strips make-it-your-own.com

Apply your bubble wrap to the bag carefully and slowly (as you will have to flip it over and may require assistance with this).  

Applying Bubble Wrap Beach Bag make-it-your-own.com

Removing Bubble Wrap Beach Bag make-it-your-own.com

  • Allow  your first set of waves to dry overnight.
  • Repeat the process with additional colours of blue, overlapping your waves.
  • Or if you don’t mind some mixing, apply the second set consecutively.
  • Create waves on the other side of the bag, should you like, using the same idea. (Once the front side is completely dry.)
  • In the inside hem of the bag, write your name and the date.
  • Fill the bag with a set of nice shampoo and conditioner, body wash etc., a towel or things you think your teacher may enjoy on the beach- magazines, snacks, drinks etc.

Finished Beach Bag make-it-your-own.com

  • Attach the provided gift tag.


  • Thinking of others, exploring printmaking techniques.

Safety Notes

  • Be sure to wear a smock when you use fabric paint.
  • As with all plastic wrapping materials, keep out of reach from children 0-3 and use with supervision.
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