There was a time when our children were very much into fairies.  Thus, here is an idea for a magic wand using little scraps of treasures that you might have left over from other projects.

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Stick Wand Supplies from

  • A stick
  • Ribbon (we also included sequin strings and rick rack)
  • Scraps of “fancy paper” (we used crepe and origami paper, but use whatever you may have/like)
  • Craft jewels
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue


  • Go on a nature walk and select a stick for your wand.
  • Tie your pieces of various ribbon around your stick and knot them.

Stick Wand: Ribbon scraps from

Stick Wand: Knotting your ribbon from

Stick Wand: Knots from

  • Cut out some larger pieces of paper to form your base.

Stick Wand: Cutting your base from

Stick Wand: Gluing on base from

Stick Wand Base from

  • Layer it with pieces of paper, gluing them together.

Stick Wand: Cutting paper scraps from

Stick Wand: Gluing down scraps from

Stick Wand: Gluing down scraps from

Stick Wand: Paper Scraps from

  • Add embellishments such as craft jewels.

Stick Wand: Adding Gems from

  • Glue your base to your stick and let it dry overnight.

Stick Wand from

  • Have fun with your wand!

Having fun with your stick wand from


  • Re-using & re-purposing materials, developing fine motor skills, enjoying the outdoors, imaginary play

Safety Notes

  • When using your wand to play, be aware of other people.
  • Use scissors with adult supervision.
  • Craft jewels are choking hazards and should not be used by children 0-3 and/or those that tend to put things in their mouths.
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